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PLEASE NOTE: This article follows my recent 'Important Global Update' post and I would like to emphasize for those who may feel this is stepping 'out of' the flow of my many years of postings concerning Freedom as the SELF You Are … that it is very much a part of that flow.

I am continuing to 'point' to who you are NOT by illustrating the 'spike taking place in the Great SHIFT of the universal Grand Dream. None of what follows is 'real' but since you 'as' the slumbering God-SELF You Are are occupying a body 'in' this dream, it is valuable to be given information that will help you navigate what will be choppy waters for a while and lead you … as much as possible, OUT OF fear [where Truth cannot be FELT].




The entire world is currently embroiled in an ‘invisible war’. It is invisible because it is being conducted psychologically, hidden behind masks that have been casually accepted as normal for decades and manipulated by puppeteers that are largely unknown to most of humanity. Their agenda is a One World Order, which openly parades its objectives as benign and ‘for’ the people but are anything but that. If successfully executed, humanity would be enslaved within a year [this being January 2021] and soon afterwards be reduced to numbers less than a billion.

The moving parts of this global task have long been in place and begin with banking … the control of how money manipulates every part of the world’s daily activities. This is underpinned by ‘The FED’ or The Federal Reserve System of the United States and is tied to many affiliates around the world. It is not governmental as the name suggests but owned privately by a handful of ‘elites’ who are near the top of this nefarious group that is orchestrating this world ‘take-over’.

Mainstream Media and Social Media are used to control and program the minds of almost 8 billion people and this allows this ‘deep state’ alliance to work their dark activities well beneath the radar of any serious ‘push-back’. For those who might be a source of defiance, blackmail, seduction and deadly threats [often backed up by actual assassinations] are used to keep them in line. This includes much of the entertainment industry, all levels of political and judicial branches right to the very top, major industrial complexes that include food, health, clothing and shelter [the basic necessities] as well as high-tech, education, military, religion, transportation, energy and communication … all have been infiltrated and … until recently, have largely been controlled by this deep state and their One World Order agenda.

For decades, sophisticated systems have been devised to manipulate election results that make it virtually impossible for legitimate leadership to take office in any government that is critical to this take-over. The pieces on the global chess board have been meticulously put in place for well over a century with all obstacles ruthlessly scattered to the winds and hidden beneath the made-up mind altering heading of ‘conspiracy theories’ when questioned by anyone. Theories are ‘anecdotal’, devoid of facts … but their are enormous amounts of unequivocal ‘facts’ associated with this Invisible War for those that chose to do their own research ‘outside’ mainstream media.

The final blows of this villainous plan began early last year [2020] with the introduction of Covid 19 onto the world stage. While the time oriented facts [almost a year of data] concerning this so called ‘pandemic’ are now available for anyone who ‘does do’ their own research that proves that it is no more dangerous than a seasonal flu … the deep state controlled mainstream and social media have spun a fear-based narrative full of lies that most have bought into. The truth is the survival ratio of this flu-like illness is 99.8% according to records published by the CDC [Center for Disease Control]. The CDC also reported that only 6% of globally reported deaths were actually related to Covid-19 alone … most were asymptomatic [not active] people with pre-existing conditions. Despite this, countless millions have been cloistered away from each other and ordered to wear ‘immunity destroying’ masks while their cities were locked down and untold small businesses were forced to close.

In many cities deep state organized and financed groups such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ [a concept that suggests unity but actually promotes segregation] and ‘Antifa’, ravaged cities burning, looting and further destroying city-wide infrastructures dividing people while corrupt deep state owned officials promoted the insane concept of de-funding the police. Again, the media supported these activities spinning lie after lie to swell the frustration of the masses in order to encourage an easily manipulable mob.

These ruthless techniques of the One World Order agenda were designed to destroy the economy of the world so that a Great Re-Set ‘bail-out’ system could be easily implemented that, on the surface, would bring long term financial stability to everyone on the planet, but in reality would enslave them. This mechanism would strip everyone of all possessions while offering them a meager existence through a One World government income tied to obedient de-passionizing guidelines that could be cut-off instantly for bad behaviour monitored through implanted recognition ‘chips’ distributed globally through vaccines tied to the fake pandemic.

Only one thing stood in the way of the finalization of the century-long implementation of this dark and insidious plan - Donald Trump [see:]. This great and rare leader could NOT be bought, bribed or seduced and has been a part of ‘another plan’ in the making long before he came to power as one of the greatest leaders the planet has ever seen [although very few as yet are aware of this]. Trump and his Team were very much aware of the long, dark history of the deep state and meticulously orchestrated their own ‘take-down’ agenda that would gradually, step-by-step de-program the sleeping masses who had long since been unknowingly hypnotized into blind acquiescence to this unfolding One World Order and in many cases had unwittingly become complicit in its execution.

It was necessary to ‘expose’, in the clear light of day what had long been hidden so that ‘no doubt’ could remain that the reality most have believed in since their birth was in fact a ‘fiction’ … with a very gloomy horizon if allowed to stand. For 4 years Trump and Team put into place the infrastructure of the deep state’s destruction leading up to what they knew would be an aggressive attempt to steal the election of 2020 that the deep state had, through their arrogance, missed the mark on in 2016. What courage it took to knowingly ‘allow’ this [attempted] steal to take place so that this exposure could be at a maximum … one cannot imagine.

At this writing, the Trump Team axe has begun to falls with the signing into place 2018 the Insurrection Act and a steady flow of spell-binding events are now unraveling that will startle the deepest sleepers when the dark and evil activities of the deep state are revealed and its perpetrators [by the tens of thousands+] are brought to justice. Rest in the knowing that Trump and Team have ‘got this’ and the outcome is assured no matter how nebulous it may appear.

ALL is WELL and the world before you is about to unfold in ways that have only been dreamed of as a long foretold Age of Light and Peace unfolds.

-by John McIntosh [author]

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