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The Light of Life ‘is’ YOU … you ‘are’ the Light of the world/universe - literally. There ‘is’ only ONE SELF and YOU are IT. What ‘appears’ is a construct of the ‘mind’, which in turn manifests from ‘thought’ that emanates from an idea - the possibility of separation. The SELF being ONE - Emptiness - knows IT SELF through this ‘thread’ of: the separation idea - thought - mind and finally, the manifestation of illusions that come and go. The SELF enters these temporary manifested dreams and interacts with them - witnessing IT SELF in the mirror of this universal projection.

It is in the identification ‘with’ and attachment ‘to’ these endless phantoms that the SELF ‘loses IT SELF’ [slumbers] in dreams believing that IT ‘is’ whatever IT is occupying. When this occurs the infinite contrasts that occur from the illusion of separation cause suffering through resistance … the desire for things to be ‘different’. This creates the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow that YOU ‘as’ the slumbering SELF experience and call “reality’. However, it is this wild swing of events and the suffering that accompanies it that eventually brings YOU to your knees and returns your gaze ‘inward’ toward the Truth of Who YOU Really Are.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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