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There are many names given to the ONE Reality: SELF, God, Consciousness and a host of religious names. What is important and still ‘missed’ by most of humanity is that ONE has no ‘other’. The concept of a personal ‘me’ [myself] who has a soul and a spirit and beyond that a God [with many helpers like angels and masters] along with a myriad of so-called ‘others’ who have the same plus the entire environment of the planet, solar system, galaxy and universe together with a multitude of dimensions … all, attest to this misunderstanding.

This fosters the belief that there is much to attain, to grow into, to become worthy of … so that the limited, insignificant ‘me’ can someday ‘realize its True Being. None of this is True. YOU have never NOT been this ONE. IT has not ‘gone’ anywhere as there ‘is’ nowhere to go since Infinity has no boundaries. YOU have never NOT been Perfect, Love being another name for ONE. YOU do not need to ‘do’ anything to attain this ONE YOU Are … all those disciplines and practices are made-up by the separated mind.

The simple removal of the clouds of conditioning that ‘seem’ to hide the ONE YOU Are is all that is required. For this the pathless-path of Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route.

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