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Most so-called spiritual seekers speak of ‘changing the world’ or making the world a better place and while this is often a heartfelt focus – ‘fixing’ the world in the sense of bringing unbroken ‘peace’ to the world is NOT possible. The very ‘nature’ of the Grand Dream – what most call ‘reality’ is chaos, confusion and conflict … at some level. This is due to the primal ‘idea’ that ‘separation’ is a real possibility – that is, that the ONE SELF is divided [an obvious contradiction to ONE].

This original ‘seed’ idea of separation manifested the possibility of a ‘from here to there’ phenomena thereby bringing about the illusion of time and space. From this foundation an infinite number of ‘opposites’ seemed to come into being and from that the conflict, chaos and confusion arose. Its NOT a mistake since these opposing manifestations brought about the possibility of ‘contrast’, thereby allowing the ONE SELF You Really ARE to taste, savor and know IT/YOUR SELF out of the Nothing-ness with infinite potential You Are. It is a ‘stage’ upon which to ‘play’ in a dream/illusion until you are sufficiently satiated with it and are ‘pulled’ to return HOME.

The only so-called ‘change’ that CAN take place is the SHIFT from the delusion of a separated individual identity – ‘me’ focus, to the full Awareness of the ONE SELF You Are ‘while’ still in a body [the Real meaning of being IN the dream/world but not OF it]. This is your ONLY Purpose [until it occurs].

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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