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Being seen, whether applauded or reviled [but not invisible], is the greatest driving force within the dreamers illusory experience. Any kind of recognition validates that you ‘do’ indeed exist. Without this ‘all important’ reflection there is only ‘observation’ of the world narrative … a sense of ‘nothing-ness’ witnessing ‘something. It is ironic that ‘this’ very experience ‘is’ the Awareness that prevails when one is Free … Free ‘from’ the illusion of a separate identity, where fear, insecurity and a sense of loneliness dominates … even in a crowd or surrounded by so-called ‘others’ who may be considered loved ones - who can be taken from you in an instant.

The difference is in this Awareness that arises out of the ashes of endless disappointments with temporary experience this entity called a person has. This disillusionment of the Grand Dream must be full, complete and satiated before the longing for Real Freedom dominates your total Attention … it cannot be forced. Therein lies the blessing of suffering.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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