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As the world and humanity shift out of the ancient patriarchal phase of imbalance and into an Age of Peace and Light the traditional ways and means that have governed society will fall away, replaced by those that resonate with this NEW more gentle and benign phase. The Divine Masculine in its latter years, which are measured in the thousands, has been slanted toward total male dominance with the suppression of the Divine Feminine influence, increasing as it shifted toward its end [which is now]. The evidence of this is known to all, but never more so than in the primary area of Consciousness.

The masculine influence ‘thinks through the mind’ while the feminine leans toward ‘Feeling/thinking through the Heart’. Both are required for perfect balance but the neglect of the feeling-nature means that Consciousness favored a linear, didactic, rigid, agenda oriented, uneven flow that was heavily slanted toward historical data, whether ancient or moments ago. This is a very slow staccato type movement that is represented by a constant feeling of struggle. It is a disconnected movement that restricts and eliminates much from the ‘Wholeness’ that represents what is Real. It is often what many refer to as ‘cold and calculating’, resulting in a ’just the facts’ type of communication. This has been the dominate form of ‘education’ for thousands of years.

Add to this the tampering that can occur when a ‘complete picture’ of anything is missing and what is offered to the minds of children and adults alike can be enormously distorted. History, for example can be written according to flawed records [often intentionally] combined with opinions and interpretations, which directly influences world Consciousness and subsequent behaviour. An assassination of a world leader and the destruction of skyscrapers if reported incorrectly could lead to or foster conflicts in far flung areas of the world that ‘benefits’ those that perpetrated these events.

Skewed science can be used to manipulate life experiences such as health care where intrusive drugs are favored and promoted over holistic ways and means that naturally align with the body. Both of these anomalies and many more can be ‘profit-driven’ with little regard to the massive fall-out that results. These are ‘masculine’ influenced circumstances and are typical of the dysfunction that can and has occurred repeatedly for thousands of years when the balancing feminine influence was suppressed.

As humanity SHIFTS [as it is quickly] ever more deeply into this Age of Peace and Light, the global educational systems, which have been structured around tightly bound ideas of how life functions, will relax into a more open minded and eventually open-hearted ‘intuitive’ expression. The intuitive faculty, which may be referred to as a sixth sense, delivers information in ‘bundles’ that are fully complete holographic images. Mozart for example, was said to receive a concerto ‘full-blown’ in a moment and then take weeks and months to write it down in musical notes like dictation … without corrections.

This could be called thinking through ‘visions’ that could represent enormous sums of unified and pristine data that would take the masculine mind weeks, months and years to experience and even then with many flaws. This kind of creative feeling/thinking, when allowed to flourish in the young, will draw each child toward what they naturally resonate with … what is Joyful. It will foster the expression of this Joy in an easy flowing life rhythm that is embraced rather than resisted as ‘useless information’ as children have lamented about highly structured school curriculums for decades and longer

Despite the masculine dominance for thousands of years, the natural flow of one’s inherent creative leanings ‘has’ been experienced in most of the Arts. For example, Music, Drawing and Painting, Architecture, Sculpture and various forms of Design while following certain basic guidelines [that could be considered masculine functions], allow for an abundant and harmonic expression of unique and new creations. It is common for one to ‘lose themselves’ in such creative work where ‘time’ seems to stand still. This is the ‘normal’ way in which the ONE SELF, Who is the True YOU, behaves when IT is unencumbered by rigidity.

This balanced blend of the Divine Masculine and Feminine will open up the world to a rapid ‘expansion’ of Awareness of Truth simply by BEING, which means in part … following your True Nature. The propensity to become involved in discord will naturally ‘fall away’ since the world of opposites that is the inevitable expression of the belief in separation, loses its influence in the midst of the balanced blending of the masculine and feminine influences.

Even in the midst of masculine dominance these tendencies ‘have’ enjoyed periodic ‘spikes’ of attention in the recent past [as these phases are measured]. The Renaissance was one of these momentary phases and an excellent mirror for what is now unfolding even as the world seems to be collapsing. It is normal at the end of an era [the Masculine patriarchal phase] for the world to look like its about to come apart but that is the nature of death as what is finished - decays. Not far beneath the surface of superficial observation lies the rapidly growing seeds of this new phase of Peace and Light, which is glorious in its possibilities.

Nevertheless, what is unfolding ‘is’ still a dream within the Grand Dream that the universe is as the slumbering God-SELF begins to yawn Awake to a deeper Awareness of Who IT Really Is. The New Education will facilitate this Awakening in a visible and profound way that no one will be able to miss.

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