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The NOW is NOT about time … the absence of a past and a future. When one is NOW, time means nothing. NOW-ness is another word for Presence or Being-ness or Stillness or Silence or Emptiness or Nothing-ness. It is WHO You Really Are. IT is ONE, the SELF, Consciousness. ONE is ‘always’ ONE and never ONE plus something else such as the very commonly accepted notion that there is ‘me’ and there is God … there is NOT - only GOD/YOU/ONE.

NOW-ness cannot be ‘thought-into’. The mind has no real power to ‘do’ anything since it is the mind [false self] that manifests the Grand Dream. Everything the mind seems to ‘do’ is an illusion. NOW always ‘IS’ … IT is never NOT and is the only Reality.

What is required only is the full Awareness ‘of’ NOW for IT to be Your experience and that requires that whatever veils IT be dissolved. Conditioning is that veil and for the desolation of the conditioning as always - Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route.


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