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“Of my SELF … I am Nothing” … were the words of our beautiful brother speaking of the SELF He ‘is’ and We ‘Are’ as our True Being-ness.

It is the mind [the false self] that speaks of ‘differences’ such as higher and lower, ugly and beautiful, smart and ignorant. The SELF ‘IS’ Nothing-Emptiness and yet ALL THAT IS. The mind will say: “No one can know everything”, which illustrates its belief in individual personhood and the idea of a scale of opposites from greater to lessor. This is an emanation of the belief in separation I, which it defends with passionate indignation. The SELF however, cannot be offended having no conditioning for offence to ‘stick’ to. Of IT SELF IT ‘knows’ nothing but in the moment of need IT is given precisely what Truth may be required.

IT sees no separation of any kind and knows that the Grand Dream the world ‘is’ emanates ‘from’ IT SELF as Love. Nothing within the dream can shake IT from this knowing despite the aggressive attempts by those tightly bound by the threads of deception that the dream weaves. The SELF knows there are no ‘others’ as IT alone exists and all that appears is simply a transient swirling wheel of ever-changing images with which IT plays.

Image by Solveig Larsen

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