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When one surrenders completely, the ‘person’ [false-self-body-mind-identity] is no longer present. In those moments when the person has been removed all the illusions it believes in have disappeared as well, much like in deep dreamless sleep. When this is unbroken … one is Free.

At first the ‘pull’ of conditioning will draw one back into the dream of separation and the illusion of a personal and individual ‘you’ will resume, but as you continue NO MATTER WHAT/UNCONDITIONAL ‘surrender’ you return again and again to the person-less state. This same thing is accomplished by the “who am I” of Self Inquiry and is the flip side of this direct route to Freedom. This is called the path of devotion and eventually leaves the life of illusion behind.

This person-less state does not somehow ‘qualify’ you or ‘evolve’ you to the God You already Are … there is no ‘you’ to ‘do’ anything. It simply ‘reveals’ the SELF ‘to’ IT SELF. This is the simplicity of returning to the Free state … it ‘does’ require vigilance and that can be considered an effort … but it ‘is’ simple.

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