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The ‘play’ of dark and Light is the natural and inevitable outcome of ‘contrast’, which emanates from the belief in separation … ‘you and me and everything else’. This generates a ‘from here to there’ phenomena necessary for the manifestation of the universe … its NOT a mistake. Without this ‘contrasting’ projection of dark and Light the illusion of the world-universe and something called ‘me’ in it could NOT be produced. Contrast provides infinite opportunities to ‘savor’ Life … sweet/sour, high/low, day/night, male/female, happiness/sorrow - the possibilities to taste Life are myriad and in these experiences, the ONE SELF You Really Are - ‘knows’ IT SELF.

Its a dream projected on the screen of Consciousness, allowing ‘Emptiness’ [the SELF] to experience ITs boundless, infinite, endlessness. You cannot so-called ‘fix’ this phenomena since this dance of dark and Light is ‘required’ to produce all experiences. The closest thing to Peace [dream Peace] one can experience ‘within this illusion’ is a relative balance of dark and Light [like the mid-point of a teeter-totter] … which is now unfolding as an era of Peace and Light throughout our solar system.

TRUE Peace can only be experienced when you remember Who You Really Are.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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