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When the power of ‘intention, attention and passion’ [the ingredients of ‘all’ manifestation] is combined with the concept of ‘free will’, the one you call a person believes they have some degree of ‘control’ over the circumstances and experiences within the illusion it calls reality … in Truth, it has NONE. What occurs within the Grand Dream called your world/universe is ‘predestined’ and determined totally by the conditioning/karma that brings a ‘made-up’ body-mind into the dream – again and again. This illusory identity is wrapped around the God-SELF YOU Are who slumbers like one drugged ‘by’ this ancient and ever shifting programming.

The sole purpose of this is to restore ‘to’ YOU the full Awareness of the God You Are. It is the dream, dreaming YOU ‘out of’ the dream.

It is the ‘resistance’ to this already scripted existence that makes your experience so heavy and your belief in the concept of victims, the child of the belief in separation, that causes ‘all’ suffering. Surrender… the total release of ‘all’ attempts to orchestrate and control your experience, dissolves this weight as Life takes over the reigns of Living. In the beginning this takes great trust but as events unfold more and more spontaneously and miraculously you begin to ‘relax’ into the natural flow ‘out of’ the delusion that has held the God-SELF captive for eons.

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