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The mind [false self] loves to show-case ‘division’ … the grandeur of the universe compared to the tiny living beings existing within it. It fosters wonders and unknown mysteries claiming they are impossible to ever comprehend. It then calls this God and thereby places it far far away emphasizing the littleness of the individual. This ‘seems’ to validate the insignificance of humanity while highlighting its vulnerability to every aspect of life. For most this is normal … nevertheless, it is upside down.

The universe is a phantom, no more real than the eyes reading these words … a dream speaking to the slumbering God-SELF who believes this illusion is real. In Reality all these so-called ‘wondrous’ projections answer to the True YOU [the ONE SELF]. Your continual focused Attention on this Real YOU maintains Awareness that it ‘is’ an illusion … and it is this that releases YOU from the prison of dreaming.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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