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The mind is highly vulnerable to any ‘influence’ that is consistent. This is called ‘conditioning’. This is the ‘sheep effect’ that allows the mind to be ‘herded’ in any direction this programming dictates. Most of humanity lives exclusively in the mind [body-mind-identity (false self)], and as such is and has been ‘herded’ easily and unconsciously by the few who understand the mechanisms of mind control and exercise it for their own objectives, either benign or selfish.

Currently, there is a major struggle going on globally to ‘herd’ humanity toward an era of Peace and Light or remain entrenched in the ancient dysfunctional patriarchy where it has been for thousands of years. The outcome however is inevitable since there are larger arcs of control that govern the solar system and beyond and the trajectory at this moment is Peace and Light … which nothing can stop.

Before this SHIFT occurs [which is happening now] there is a phenomenon of ‘reluctant sheep’ who have broken free of the predominant influence of conditioning and are diving into the Heart of Love [the ONE SELF] that transcends ALL programming. While this is a particularly challenging phase as the sheep mentality is overcome, it IS the end of ‘all’ bondage and the Awareness and experience of Who YOU Really Are.

“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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