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Life [the Force animating the grand dream] is always oriented toward Home or Truth and like a compass, always points north. It is the same influence that guides birds on their first migration to the precise spot hundreds of miles away that their parents flew to the year before. It is the wisdom of plants and trees that ‘knows’ where the exact nourishment resides that they require. And this same God-Knowing will bring your wandering SELF again and again to the persuasive circumstances that lead you face to face with what ‘conditioning’ is ready to be transformed.

At first this will be in the form of a gentle nudge, followed by more and more dramatic ‘attention-getters’ until finally, if you still refuse to Look at and Feel the ‘gift’ you are being given, your story will take on high level challenges such as a variety of life threatening experiences so that you can no longer ignore ‘something is going on’. If you choose the ‘why me’ route you may find yourself leaving this particular body before the gift is opened and the conditioning veil is transformed. You have eternity to be Free and may take on as many illusionary bodies as it requires to bring you Home or you may ‘pause’ the movie of your Life Now and question: ‘Why is this happening?’

If you take these moments to go within, Life WILL show you the veils that are ready to fall from your inner vision allowing the Light to shine ever brighter until finally that is all you experience as you return to full Awareness of Who You Really Are.

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