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The world seems to be a continual, unbroken stream of objects and events but it is very much like a film-reel with individual frames … each one a still-life, which when strung together seem to be animated, with your totally ‘unique’ world manifesting as a result of ‘your’ [the sleeping God-SELF’s] Attention [Life Force] directed toward your own attachments, expectations and identifications that make up your individual false-self-identity. Like a projected Light shining through each ‘frame’ of this conditioning the holographic experience of your world actually ‘appears’ one frame at a time. In deep sleep this world disappears … no projection of thoughts – no world.

In other words, it instantly ‘blinks’ in and out of existence in every moment as if you were stuck in a revolving door where one moment you were Nothing [No thing] and the next there is this seemingly enormous evolving universe.

This is how Pure Conscious Awareness ‘seems’ to create the universe and why your world is often referred to as an illusion or a dream. In ‘thought-less-ness’ of SELF Realization, this ‘made-up’ world also dissolves and only the SELF or Awareness remains. Nevertheless, a ‘residual world’ based on the ‘momentum’ of the collective dream of humanity still seems to exist ‘if’ the SELF continues to use the body it wore during ITs sleep, and IT will still experience it. That experience however is far different than the sleeping version. Now, all it ‘sees’ is the God IT ‘is’. IT truly is: “IN the dream but not OF the dream” … a living ‘example’ of Truth to all other sleeping aspects of the SELF.

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