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Call your god ‘Father’, ‘Elohim’ or ‘Allah’ [for example], and their emissaries ‘Jesus’, ‘Abraham’ and ‘Muhammad’, and you are always speaking about ‘the same God’. There ‘is’ only ONE SELF without gender or separation of any kind, Who is Empty-Nothing-ness with infinite potential … and YOU - the Real YOU, ‘is’ IT. If you Truly ‘know’ this through your ‘feeling’ nature’, you ‘are’ Free. You will recognize this through your complete and absolute ‘lack’ of judgment of the universe-world-dream you once called reality. You will experience this as a constantly simmering Joy [call this Love if you prefer], no matter what jugglers and dancing bears are playing on the stage of dreams to tell you otherwise.

Of course, there will still be pain as long as the ‘God’ YOU Are lingers in a dream-body, but all suffering will have subsided. Of course, you will weep for the bulk of humanity who still sleep deeply to any ‘hint’ of Truth, swimming in endless streams of stories and dramas that never lead to enduring Peace. But you will rejoice that you have crossed the bridge of illusions and now witness the Grand Dream from the balcony of expanding Awareness as all the ‘remaining conditioning’ that veils the Truth quickly dissolves.

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