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It is very common for those who are making the ‘crossroads’ turn ‘within’ during this lifetime to appear NOT to ‘fit in’, to seem somehow weird, a misfit, a black sheep of the family tree and the scapegoat of its collective dysfunction. In Truth these ones have the opportunity to be a conduit for resolution where the broken-record-loop of repeating patterns of conflict comes to an end. They have the potential to be a catalyst for balance.

This wrinkle-smoothing may not show up until future generations, but the chaos, pain, discord and confusion of ages may be dissolved through their abidance in the expanding Light they are experiencing in this lifetime. This does not somehow make them special, although the result can indeed be extraordinary for those with ‘eyes to see’ … nor does it make them Free.

The house of mirrors of ‘discordancy’ they live within is showing them an abundance of examples of who they are NOT. It is for them to FEEL and EMBRACE these experiences so that GRACE may transform them. And, if whatever comes they say YES to, they will go even deeper into the Unknown surrendering completely, and ultimately finding the Freedom they ‘are’ in the desolation of the personal-self-identity. Their role is a blessed one, far different from what it appears to be.

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