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-The SELF ‘is’ God individuated.

-The SELF ‘has’ no opinions, views or perspectives, which are ever changing, and Truth does NOT change … IT simply ‘knows’ when the need arises, otherwise IT is Empty.

-The SELF cannot be offended because IT has no conditioning to which insults can stick and molest.

-The SELF cannot offend since IT always addresses only the SELF IT ‘is’ in others [actually there ‘are’ no others].

-The SELF needs nothing outside IT SELF since it is ONE - complete. There ‘is’ nothing that is Real outside the SELF.

-The SELF is Love, Freedom, Peace, Beauty, Abundance, Joy, Light, Truth, I AM, ONE, Pure Conscious Awareness. IT does not ‘have’ these attributes … IT ‘is’ them since what one has comes and goes and what is temporary is NOT Real. These attributes are simply facets in the boundless diamond of the UNKNOWN. To reach the sleeping minds of ancient eras they were given the names of a multitude of gods in many cultures. Now, in this more refined spiritual energy, it is possible to speak plainly.

-You ‘are’ the SELF.

-There is nothing but the SELF as ALL is ONE. The mind cannot fathom this simple Truth nor can it be forced to comprehend it through focused thinking. The mind must therefore ‘withdraw’ in favor of ‘Emptiness’ where all Truth resides.

-All your challenges and suffering are meant to bring you to this Emptiness ... this nothing-ness.

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It takes One to know One. <3

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