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The SELF requires no special rituals, ways of dressing, food choices, hair designs or beards. IT looks not at copious rules of conduct, structures that seem sacred or vast learning of ancient scriptures. One’s birth family matters not nor their lineage. ‘Nothing’ present in the Grand Dream of one’s experience has ‘any’ influence on your Awareness of the SELF You Are.

Your willingness to live ‘as’ the Truth You Are and your sincere and vigilant attention on this one thing is sufficient to arouse the attention of the SELF ‘to’ ITs slumbering counterpart wrapped in the garments of conditioning that binds IT to the illusion of littleness and limitation.

The SELF ‘is’ Nothing-ness/Empty and yet All That Is in potential. Your simple and humble reverence to the Truth, without any need to know what that ‘is’ … opens the floodgates of Light to your Awareness.


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