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John McIntosh

Within the Grand Dream, phenomena of all kinds exists, both within the materially obvious appearance of the many wonders of the world as well as in the largely ‘unseen’ areas just beyond the solidified manifestation of thoughts. As fantastic as these are, those verifiable [so called] by your senses as well as those taken on faith by the sensitive ones that see the dream a little more subtly, they are ‘still’ … dreams with the Grand Dream.

One of these dreams is the so-called Precession of the Equinoxes, an approximate 26,000 year cycle of about 10,000 to 12,000 years each of Divine Feminine and Masculine influence interrupted by 2,000 year phases of neutrality [which the world is now interfacing]. Accordingly, the end of the dysfunctional Masculine patriarchy and beginning of a neutral phase is occurring and as this happens the influence of the Feminine increases and the ‘house of cards’ patriarchy crumbles. This [at first] creates a great Shi(f)t as the dominoes fall with a period of increased chaos and confusion ensuing.

Many come to this edge of the cliff of surrender in enormous fear when this happens and consequently many say: “There must be a better way”. This opens the spiritual floodgates to minds that have been, until then … closed to anything beyond the belief that the universe/world is a solid reality. Because of this OPEN-ness we are experiencing what I call a flood of ‘toe-dippers’ into the inner world where eventually all are led [according to what resonates with their conditioning] to the ‘desolation’ of the mind [the false self] that has been the tyrant orchestrating the chaos in most people’s life experience.

It is a scary [for many] phase but a glorious one where the planet enters centuries of Peace in which many will find their way HOME to Who They Really Are.

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