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For much of humanity today the global narrative is restrictive, uncertain and for many terrifying. What is happening is NOT new, it has been beneath the surface of awareness and hidden from view for centuries. The planet and humanity have now entered a phase where the veils are falling that have blinded awareness of Truth. This begins by exposing the prison bars that have held the world in bondage. For those who venture beyond the familiar territory of their tiny cells, far deeper revelations will occur.

Initially this can be a very stressful period when the atrocities inflicted by humanity on itself are exposed. Many will hesitate and withdraw into the false security of ‘denial’ at this stage. Even at this moment ‘many’ have paused here and refuse to look deeper. This is not right or wrong … each one has a unique destiny eventually leading to full awakening to Who They Really Are. However many ‘are’ beginning to allow the darkness to arise, wash over their blinded vision and fall into the deeper dive of ‘Open-ness’ where the ever-Present Light reveals Truth. This is ‘standing in the fire of who you are NOT’ - the pathless-path to Real Freedom.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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