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Who is it that extends Beauty into the dream … what the false self calls ‘honourable and right’ behaviour? IT is the slumbering God-SELF … the indivisible ‘sleeping’ counterpart of the ONE SELF You Really [all] Are. IT does not ‘do’ anything for honour or glory … IT ‘is’ Glory IT SELF and simply radiates IT SELF ‘to’ IT SELF. IT does not ‘do’ anything to ‘get’ anything … IT is All That Is - Complete - Whole [but while sleeping - hidden]. In ITs slumbering state [shrounded in conditioning] IT is constantly pulled inward to ‘remember' Who IT Really IS.

ITs Beauty is a mirrored reflection of ITs innate Grandeur that pierces the illusion’ of the Grand Dream, nudging IT out of ITs slumber. When you are influenced to extend this Beauty in any way, know that it is the Real YOU breaking through ‘chinks in the armor’ of conditioning that still bind IT/YOU to the Grand Dream.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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