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Remember … what follows is speaking about the current narrative in the Grand Dream and is NOT real … it is simply a spike in the mirror-triggers that are the blessings that draw one’s attention toward who you are NOT so that the ever-Present ONE SELF can be revealed.



A few days ago it was revealed that Italy was complicit in trying to rig and steal the 2020 Presidential election, which allowed Trump ‘to activate’ the Insurrection Act created in 2018 to, among other things, allow for military involvement when an election is interfered with by foreign governments. The Act has not been activated.

The proof came with legal arrests occurring on camera and in court by high officials in Italy. The Congress and Senate ‘saw’ this incontrovertible proof ‘prior’ to confirming Biden on the January 6th, which makes those who voted to confirm Biden subject to treason. Mainstream media [owned by the deeper state as they are] did NOT report this. Now, Washington DC is shut down and many arrests from thousands of long standing sealed indictments are occurring. Other coordinated actions are taking place around the globe in these first steps of the deep state’s demise after decades of meticulous planning for this major SHIFT.

Very few are aware of the nefarious activities of the deep state with its One World Order agenda, which includes total control of mainstream media and much of social media, as well as the obvious loss of freedom of speech that ‘anyone’ can see has happened in these past few weeks and months.

The STORM the President said was coming when he came to office ‘has arrived’ and in the coming days and weeks the world [not just America] will become aware of things that many will have great difficulty accepting but which have been going on under their noses throughout their entire lifetime. Many will be in shock and their beliefs shattered as they question whether ‘anyone’ can be trusted … so deep and pervasive goes the all encompassing deception by thousands of household names who, in many cases have been heralded as heroes and examples of upstanding behaviour.

Many at the highest levels of government in America and globally will be arrested as well as entertainers, judicial and law enforcement names and more that are very familiar and popular. Most of the court systems will also be brought down, replaced temporarily with military tribunals as the horrors of a vast array of corruptions are exposed ‘for all to see’ … whether they like it or not. Trump will be reinstated as the leader of America … perhaps under a revised system but according to the Constitution that has been stomped on by many in past administrations.


For many the shock will be extreme and the need for ‘so-called’ healing will be acute. Many of you who will read this have been involved in various healing concepts that are mainly ‘holistic’ and those that have come to you for assistance were often spiritually oriented. That will ‘expand’ beyond those borders as many people will have developed some distrust for the medical profession and will come to you from all levels of awareness. When they become fully aware that the pandemic was NOT real and see the ‘enormous proof’ of that, including the global death statistics, which have NOT changed in the last year as well as the evidence that masks are ‘very detrimental’ to one’s natural immune system and do NOT work, many will be outraged at the complacency of the medical establishment in allowing this fabricated narrative to lock-down and in many cases destroy their lives for over a year.

This is the moment for you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, whose Hearts are open and who live in humility to step up and speak out the Truth they are Aware of … both of current events as they are unfolding [to the extent they have researched beyond the mainstream media] and the deeper Awareness they have of what is real and what is not. It is the moment to expand whatever service you may have available to help the enormous healing that will be necessary as dreams and beliefs are shattered the world over for billions of people.

Fear not the naysayers and those whose attention you may have attained by ‘couching’ words and often even walking on egg-shells in the past. Speak boldly the Truth as you understand it and if some leave you or berate you … let them go peacefully, lovingly and without conflict or judgment. This IS the moment to Truly ‘stand in the fire of who you are NOT and choose Freedom NO MATTER WHAT’. The Great SHIFT of Consciousness is now in full swing.

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