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During phases of significant change [such as the Great SHIFT now occurring], when eras move from one into another, it is common to have many ‘spikes’ of both ‘calms and storms]. The interface from the patriarchal period – now ended, into a phase of Peace and Light, only just begun … has taken place for some 120 years with the years from 1987 until 2021 being the most pervasive in terms of the rising and falling of these spikes or waves. There were many spikes in those years just as there were during the decades before such as many wars, a depression and most recently the exposure of and take down of a sinister and dysfunctional masculine cabal [that few as yet are aware of].

The era of Peace and Light [a Great Calm] is now upon us – literally, and all of humanity will very soon hear, see and begin to experience the influences ‘of’ it as the life they have known morphs in ways that few have ever dreamed possible. Nothing in the history books within the Grand Dream touches on the grandeur that is about to take place, and for those who choose Freedom NO MATTER WHAT, the environment will be very fertile to it occurring in this lifetime. For the majority who still wish to dream … this will be the ultimate dream-come-true experience.

A #1 AMAZON - NEW RELEASE in 45-Minute read

"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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