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When one chooses a spiritual life, whether as way of living what is believed to be a more ‘moral and upstanding’ addition to life or as a so-called ‘path’ to Freedom, most initially and often for many lifetimes fall into the subtle trap of trying to ’fix’ the world and all that is in it … particularly what they deem to be ‘others’. The trap is subtle because it ‘seems’ a noble and worthwhile investment of one’s attention as it relates to the lofty calling they feel they have chosen.

The reason this is a trap is due to the illusion that the world, including the body-mind-identities of these supposed ‘others’ … is not real. Only the SELF [God -Consciousness – I AM – ONE] is Real and nothing exists ‘but’ IT. Everything that seems ‘to be’ is a holographic projection on the screen of Consciousness based on the belief in ‘separation’, which offers a ‘from here to there’ phenomena allowing for the ‘appearance’ of manifestation. Separation, however, also contradicts ONE-ness and imprisons the SELF for eons in the illusory and limitational belief in time, space and the temporary nature of Life.

When one attempts to ‘fix’ what is founded on and whose very ‘dream’ existence is dependent upon ‘separation’, inevitably they are drawn deeper ‘into’ the illusion. The only Real Purpose anyone has [while they sleep in the dream] is their own Freedom [remembering there ‘is’ only ONE], which will be remembered ‘when’ they are Free. Nevertheless, in the course of this pathless-path, kindness and compassion toward ALL Life is expressed without judgment or condescension as a natural expression ‘of’ this focused attention ‘on’ Freedom.

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