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The spiritually oriented ‘mind’ [false self] can often appear very convincing with its vast archive of information and authoritative way of explaining 'how' life works. When exposed to the actual Light of Truth it has a habit of dissecting and nit-picking what it feels is the slightest variance with what it believes fits its understanding. It does not, because it cannot 'feel' the 'essence' of Truth that goes well beyond the constricting nature of written or spoken language.

The unconditioned Love and sublime Beauty that 'is' Truth … 'is' the God YOU Are, often shows up in the simplest ways. Many who have been ‘embodied examples’ of Truth have had literally 'no' education and have left very little behind in written works ... but the evidence of their Divine Awareness is unmistakable. Others have been eloquent and written great works, no less ‘inspiring’ to the genuine aspirant. A simple test of Truth is this:

'Do you feel the 'Joy' YOU Are [this is not an emotional feeling] when you read or listen to or are in the company of one who seems to convey Truth ‘in any way’?

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