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There is a ‘thread’ that winds its way through the entirety of the Grand Dream. It is an unbroken ‘record’ of All That Is or Has Ever Been. It also contains ‘all’ possibilities of what may come. It encompasses an infinity of appearances and experiences and yet because it deals with time and space [the offspring of the belief in separation], it is NOT real. This thread can be accessed by the mind and therefore falls under the heading of psychic phenomena. The ability to ‘read’ this thread is considered a high spiritual achievement, nevertheless what ‘comes and goes’ and the capability to see, experience and reveal it can be an insidious seduction swaying one away from the awareness of Who They Really Are.

Intentionally pursuing and developing these abilities can be very attractive and satisfying for the false self but this endeavor is a distraction ‘from’ Truth and can entrench the slumbering God-SELF deeper and deeper ‘into’ the illusory world they seek to understand. ‘If’ one requires these abilities for any reason during the playing out of the dream … they WILL arise spontaneously and that one will be shown in what way they are to be used that ‘resonates with’ their Freedom.



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