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What comes and goes leads ‘attention’ away from Reality. At best it can show you who you are NOT. What has this temporary attribute? Look around … what is here then gone? Virtually everything your senses can experience are momentary even if they last billions of years in clock time. The NOW is not a measurement of time but an infinite Awareness of that which is eternal, having no past, future or present moment.

The changeless, eternal alone ‘is’ Real while the transient manifested is unreal, including your body-mind-identity. Attention given to the temporary gives an artificial ‘life’ to it and makes it ‘seem’ real. The entire world has this transient reality, held in place by the collective attention of sleeping humanity. It is no more real than a movie or a night time dream. To the extent you look to what passes away for satisfaction, fulfillment and completion … will be the depth of your sleep to the Real - to Truth, and the breadth of your suffering as each experience takes you to its limit then disappears.

The constant humming of ‘the thrill is gone’ sings of this illusory life humanity has settled for. Nevertheless, many have now neared the edge of the cliff where they can no longer trade eternity for passing shadows. The dive into the Unknown beckons to them where they will discover their True SELF.

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