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The time has come when you must put away childish things ... but NOT the child.

The moment has arrived for humanity:

When you become serious about simple things and yet remain ONE with Simplicity,

Where innocence captures your attention before an expanded intellect,

Where purity cannot be compromised for efficiency, where humility is not a sign of weakness,

Where vulnerability ... living raw and naked, allows you to laugh freely at the silliness of a separate identity,

Where spontaneity allows you to drop everything in the moment for the sake of Joy and never count the cost,

Where your world has no walls or barriers, and everything is possible because you KNOW it’s a dream you can mold into anything you wish and yet let it fall away in a blink of an eye without remorse ... only the Joy of the creating remains,

Where the paper dragons marching before your world with steely masks no longer incite fear but have the power only of tin soldiers to be put away in a tin box beneath your bed when you are done playing,

When you KNOW you ARE a MASTER not waiting for some miraculous moment in some far-off lifetime to be FREE.

The time has come – NOW!

#9 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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