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Memory is the past and imagination the future. There is enormous ‘nostalgia’ in memories and ‘hope’ in imagination … what has been that is cherished, whether cozy or somber as well as concepts and ideas with promising and bright expectations. For most, the mind constantly dances between these two phantoms, often in a heartbeat. In four words “I’m going to change” lives in both past and future … so quick is the mind to ping-pong back and forth from the net between of Truth.

Such is the strange allure of what is NOT Now. And yet NOW is not about a ‘clock-time’ moment … IT is timeless, beyond experience of any kind. The ONE SELF ‘is’ this NOW and is Empty. ITs navigation within the Grand Dream to ‘know’ IT SELF requires the parameters that boundless-ness cannot experience without the illusion of time and space. There must be a ‘from here to there’ phenomena to ‘set-up’ the illusion of the dream. Nothing is out of place in this ‘necessary deception’ except your ‘attachment’ to it … therein lies the sorrow. With attachment comes identification and expectations and the tissue-paper-trap of limitation.

Your YES to ‘What Is’ [Surrender] is NOT an escape out of the dream, but your Freedom ‘from’ it.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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