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Currently, in the collective consciousness of humanity, the mind is the ruler/dictator … the separated false self that defines who the vast majority believe they are. It has no real substance as it is simply a collection of beliefs, memories and learned programs [conditioning]. It changes minutely from moment to moment except in the presence of great trauma or revelation. Many who believe themselves to be so called ‘awakened’ have simply changed mind-garments but are still locked in belief systems.

There ‘are’ no beliefs in Truth … only Knowing. Many speak of and seek mind control but the seeking places this illusion out in the future where it doesn’t exist and the very ‘wanting’ keeps the discovery of its ephemeral nature at arms length forever. In Truth there is no such thing as controlling the mind … it only needs to return to its proper function as an ‘operating system’ … a servant of the Heart, the rightful heir to the throne of Who You Really Are.

This comes about naturally by placing and keeping your Attention steadfastly on the I AM or ONE SELF You Really Are … then the mind will slip naturally back into its role as servant ‘to’ the Heart.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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