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‘Standing in the fire of who you are NOT’ is when the Truth ‘really’ hurts. Your investment in the ‘lie’ has been long and deep [within the illusion of time and space]. The belief in separation came first and from that ALL manifestation arose - the entire universe, which is a dream since separation is impossible. There ‘is’ only ONE or ONE SELF and in order to know IT SELF and taste and savour that knowing it required a ‘stage’ on/in which to play out images and experiences that reflected ITs infinite potential. That included the illusion of ‘many out of ONE’ - you being the central character. This is ‘who you are NOT’, this is the illusion, this is the lie - religion calls ‘separation’ the liar or devil.

When you have had enough of the roller coaster the world of contrast that emanates from the belief in separation makes-up, and turn finally within toward the pathless-path to Who You Really Are [the ONE SELF] … facing the illusion ‘hurts’ and you must be fully committed to the Truth in order to endure the ‘heat’ of this fire or you will turn back to the dream. There is no agenda or timetable [despite all being predestined (a Divine Dichotomy)] … the moment comes when it comes and I assure you as one who has walked in the fire ‘all the way’ - you WILL know.



BOOKS by John McIntosh

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