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‘Suffering’ is the primary influence for the slumbering God-SELF You Are to find its initial ‘turn’ inward toward HOME … to the Awareness of Who IT/YOU Really Is. At some point the intensity of this suffering becomes so acute that there is an inner ‘surrender’, which ultimately leads to the ‘expression’ of this humble state as your ‘YES’ to ‘What Is’. This is not an endorsement of what is occurring … it is simply the release of ‘all’ resistance ‘to’ it. Despite the continuation of many possibilities of ‘pain’ after this happens, the suffering that accompanies them becomes muffled and attracts less distractive attention away from the inward pathless-path HOME. When the inevitable recognition of ONE-ness occurs [a Knowing beyond a mental awareness], the concept of ‘victims’ dissolves and suffering no longer molests you.

This is what has escalated over these last several months and will continue to as a major portion of humanity finds its way to its knees in surrender and makes the ‘turn within’. At first this is a kind of desperation much like prayer that attempts to ‘bargain’ with some God the false-self-identity [person] believes is ‘outside’ somewhere … hopefully, with special powers to make things better.

The Awareness that the universe/world experience is a dream has still not become a Knowing and the ‘hope’ that ‘things’ can improve takes precedence over a genuine search for Truth. However, surrender and/or Self Inquiry ultimately ‘do’ lead each one [there really is only ONE] back to the full Awareness that they ‘are’ Pure Consciousness Awareness and have just been dreaming.

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