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When you have totally surrendered your ‘will’ [which is an illusory belief within the Grand Dream] to the Unknown … there is a return to what is Truly normal that often arises as the ‘unexpected’. The dream-world is upside-down and functions [in its dysfunction] in disarray, disharmony, conflict, chaos, stress and misery all of which are tied to a constant stream of simmering suffering that flares up periodically and for some is at a constant high.

For most, surrender is at first an intermittent choice based on many deep and frustrating moments. As the life most believe is reality continues to verify that it definitely ‘does not’ support you, these ‘surrendering moments’ become more frequent and last longer. At some point the NO MATTER WHAT surrender occurs and Life is handed totally over ‘to’ Life [the SELF]. At that point what you have known as reality falls apart with regular moments of ‘collapse’ of the dream mixed with serendipity and spontaneity [the miraculous] as the ‘Real’ begins to emerge.

Conditioning rises from its ancient crypt ‘everywhere’ and often in tsunami-like waves allowing for the transformative influence of Grace [Love in Action] to dissolve the unreal that has dictated your every breath. If you are guided to and resonate with Self Inquiry, the Shift ‘out of the dream’ will be swift and all conditioning will fall away leaving you IN the dream but not OF it. If you continue ‘in’ the body, the world you have experienced will ‘look’ much the same but will be experienced only and always through the ‘eye of Truth’ … which is unbroken Un-conditioned Love.

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