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“The universe supports your return HOME.”

Nevertheless, the universe and everything ‘in’ it, is a projection on the screen of Consciousness on/in which the ONE SELF YOU Really Are, descends blindly into, in order to fully experiencing ITs infinite potential. Within that projection is a ‘DIVINE DISCONTENT’ [a thorn in the side], which comes about due to the ‘illusion’ of separation that causes endless frustration as it rises and falls on the waves of conflict, confusion and chaos … ‘due to’ this delusion of separation.

This brings about the eventual ‘Awakening’ of the sleeping SELF as IT turns ‘attention’ from the stage of dreams – inward and back toward ITs True Nature. The universe therefore, in and of itself is NOT some god that guides and directs your experience. It is no more real than the body-mind-identity the SELF YOU Are ‘uses’ to experience IT SELF.

This false self most believe is ‘me’, makes-up [invents] everything in the universe through the use of ‘thought’ and always – ALWAYS is tainted by its conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications]. Its constantly altering design has its origins in one’s memory and imagination [the illusion of past and future] sculpted out of that conditioning and in this regard is always ‘changing’ [witnessed, for example in the shifting rules and guidelines of religions and sciences].

In this way the universe ‘bends’ to ‘your’ [the false self’s] direction [not the other way around] … but the inherent Divine Discontent ‘within the universe’ always ‘frees’ the SELF ‘from’ the dream and brings IT HOME to IT SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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