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Pristine Consciousness, ‘Empty-Nothingness’ [yet All That Is], the essence of Love, when tainted with beliefs … starting with the belief in separation, takes on many veils. These veils manifest universes of illusion so convincing that for a season [eons in clock time] ‘Infinity’ believes IT is tiny, limited and insignificant. This deluded aspect of the ONE SELF ‘pretends’ this myopic status … absolutely convinced IT ‘is’ this entity called ‘me’.

IT will defend ITs ‘part’ in this Grand Dream, vehemently asserting it is a highly flawed being, destined for some fantasy called hell [by any name] if IT is NOT redeemed through all manner of contrived methods, which IT grudgingly and fearfully offers up through intermediaries who claim to represent the Divine, thus separating IT even further from IT SELF.

Such is the ‘mastery’ of the Divine play YOU [as the God YOU Are], have willingly acted within. For many Now, during this dramatic Shift that is taking place … it is time to return HOME

… the veils are thinning quickly

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