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Where your body-mind is and the circumstances that surround it have absolutely nothing to do with YOU. That is the tiny window YOU as Consciousness use to look out of and experience a miniature world called ‘me’. No matter how grand or humble that experience is, it is ‘not’ YOU. Even the totality of the manifested world/universe this ‘me’ seems to be contained within … is ‘not’ YOU. YOU are not even ‘beyond’ these things and experiences, which would suggest a hierarchy of greatness and littleness within time and space … these things do not have any real existence … there ‘is’ only ONE.

The words on the page that become the script of the play of your life experience do not make the movements and experiences and props somehow real. YOU are ‘not’ the brief story of your body-mind-identity. When you withdraw within, beneath the constant flow of thoughts, ‘there’ is the blank screen YOU are … Empty, infinite potential – Nothing. When your identification with the story ends, Truth then re-absorbs ITs wandering SELF.

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