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The world is a dream as is the entire universe. What has a beginning and an ending is NOT real. Everything that you can experience through the senses falls into this temporary and unreal category. This includes your body, your mind, your emotions, your memory all your life experiences and your personal identity … all illusions - dreams. This came about when the Real YOU had an idea called ‘separation’. While this YOU, also known as the SELF is ONE, this idea brought about the ‘projection’ of the entire Grand Dream … ‘ONE appearing as many’.

Within that dream time and space arose due to the ‘from here to there’ phenomena that seems to exist. YOU entered every projection within the dream and then ‘forgot’ Who YOU Really Are. This brought about the belief in limitation and from this fear arose since what is infinite and unlimited cannot fear. The dream held a multitude of fascinating possibilities despite the pain, agony and suffering that seemed to exist everywhere. This kept YOU fixed in the dream throughout lifetime after lifetime [also dreams]. It is only when this slumbering YOU becomes totally satiated with the dream that IT/YOU can pull away from the glamour of the dream and seek to remember Who You Are.

This expands YOUR Awareness until all illusory limitations due to ‘conditioning’ dissolves and YOU return to full SELF AWARENESS.

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