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The world-storyline that most believe is a part of ‘reality’ … is NOT. Currently, it is a fiction ‘within’ a dream. The dream that most believe-in is that they are a separated individual ‘person’ called ‘me’ living in a highly competitive, largely unfriendly and dangerous environment with ‘some’ vignettes of fleeting beauty. The Truth is that there’ is only ONE … call it the SELF Who ‘appears’ as many, including this illusory ‘me’ entity. The fiction within the dream is that the world presented through education, history books and mass media is the way this believed-in reality really is – it is NOT.

Soon, very soon … humanity will be presented with the shocking ‘real’ narrative within the dream-world. It will ‘stun’ many, crush others and completely change the way the world is viewed and ‘lived’ as the playing field is ‘leveled’ for ALL … particularly with regard to food, clothing, shelter and financial security. Remember … this is ‘still’ only a dream – a new and better dream, but still a dream.

Nevertheless, although this level playing field will bring about an enormous change and balance in the dream-world, it will NOT bring about genuine Peace. Peace is Who YOU Really Are and cannot be experienced until that Awareness occurs. That Awareness comes about by shifting from the ‘mind’ to the Heart and ‘that’ is the great opportunity that the next 2000 year ‘Happy’ dream offers all.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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