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What you ‘believe’ becomes your world [NOT your reality, which is Pure Conscious Awareness]. This is why you experience many things others do not [in Truth there ‘are’ no others]. The beliefs that you are most passionate about receive your most intense attention and that passionate focus ‘expands’ the experience of it … whether you resist it or embrace it. “Your’ world therefore is totally unique, paralleling others’ worlds in some respects but absolutely your own individual expression of what life ‘seems’ to be to you.

To the God-SELF You Really Are [which is the same SELF for All], the world shows up as an all-encompassing expression of Love … despite the chaos caused by separation thinking and its infinite manifestations. While you linger in the dream of separation conflict, chaos and confusion are inevitable and cannot be reconciled [fixed] despite the multitude of well-intentioned efforts … some orchestrated on a global scale. ONE-ness must first be Realized for Harmony to be restored to your Awareness and this arises only as ‘you’ discovery Who You Really Are. Nothing is more important than this discovery.

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