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Every channeled voice within … is SELF

Every God of Goddess … is SELF

Every Angel, Master, Sage or Prophet … is SELF

The Real YOU ‘is’ SELF

There ‘is’ only SELF.

No matter what label you may feel applies to the guidance or influence or protection or over-shadowing you may receive … is only the one SELF You Are. If these disguises feel somehow comforting and resonate with you in the moment, then for now … they are for you. Nevertheless, there is no special entity ‘out there’ apart from the one SELF You Are … speaking to IT SELF, slumbering behind the mask of the ‘made up’ person you have been acting out in the field of dream.

It is this ‘belief’ in special and separate beings that fosters the imprisonment the false self seems to experience. By embracing everything ‘as’ the SELF these fragments become ONE in your Awareness, the ‘person’ you have believed into existence disappears and the SELF You Are re-emerges as your only experience.

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