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If the current narrative playing out in one’s experience is acceptable … that is ‘no more than mildly miserable’ [ACIM] with intermittent spikes of excitement, happiness and distractions of various kinds, then it will simply flow on in an endless cycle as the version of a dream they are willing to accept. Some kind of shock or shaking ‘of’ that story must occur for one’s attention to even flicker ‘off the screen’ of that illusion. Unless there is a steady stream of shocks, attention simply returns to the familiar drama that one is used to.

Such a moment is occurring now throughout the world with shock after shock disrupting most of humanity’s relatively comfortable channel of existence. This is bringing about an ‘awakening’ out-of the familiar storyline. It is not Awakening to Truth - far from it, but an opening through which ‘awareness’ can recognize that it has been confined, manipulated and controlled. It is, for those who say: “there must be a better way” an opportunity to question what reality really is. When this door-less-door swings wide enough to influence the entrenched mind, the possibility of Real Freedom beckons.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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