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TODAY - IN THE DREAM - 11 - 03 - 2020


Within the Grand Dream [universe-world] there are pivotal demarcation points. On a grand scale this includes the ‘Precession of the Equinox’, a 26,000 year cycle where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have dominance for about 11,000 years each, divided by a balanced phase of about 2,000 years of neutrality or Age of Light/Peace. The planet and humanity recently entered this Age of Peace and it is high-lighted by significant demarcation points as the old [in this case dysfunctional patriarchy] phase collapses.

Today is such a KEY point with what is occurring not just in one dream-location on the planet but globally on an energetic level. This involves a SHIFT from the ‘head to the Heart’. It seems like a choice but free will is also a dream … the SHIFT ‘is’ happening as an aspect of this expanding neutral ‘Light’ phase.

If you find yourself in what appears to be a ‘decision’ point today then I invite you to relax into the Heart [Who Knows]. This is the SELF and requires no ‘thought’ at all. IT will show you what to ‘do’ [so-called]. No matter what unfolds … all is in Perfect balance with your [journey without distance] route Home.

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