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Tolerance [not the same as saying YES to What Is] and conditioning are ‘joined at the hip’, and yet many experiences that seem intolerable, ‘are’ tolerated because they are aspects of deep sleeping. A sliver under the skin can be tolerated to the extent of total acceptance where ‘awareness’ of it virtually disappears … [unless a ‘sharp reminder’ occurs such as pressure on it]. Likewise, conditions that are restrictive and tyrannical [as now exist globally], can become ‘obliviously’ part of one’s moment to moment ‘accepted norm’.

The ‘sharp reminder’ of ‘pressure’ must somehow happen before even a slight acknowledgement registers that something is NO LONGER tolerable. For the deepest sleepers [most of humanity], these ‘sharp’ jolts must somehow dramatically ‘shake up’ their day to day existence in what is often construed of as - ‘just the way it is’.

For those who are exploring Who They Really Are, this intolerant line in the sand occurs when they have ‘had enough’ of the flimsy seductions of the Grand Dream and the ‘absolute’ choice to be Free NO MATTER WHAT occurs. For both deep sleepers and for those who are deeply focused ‘inward’, the ‘sharp’ jolts are happening more and more frequently and much more poignantly than ever before. Such is the enormous blessing of the Great SHIFT now occurring.


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