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“I surrender … except for this.”

This is how the false self surrenders when it comes knocking. For most in the beginning, surrender arises due to intense suffering. It is often expressed as ‘giving up’ rather than ‘giving in’, which is much different. The ‘giving up’ kind of surrender ‘bargains’ much like most prayers, asking for relief or gifts of some kind in exchange for a conditioning obedience, and it is NOT authentic.

True surrender recognizes that there is a higher power that can take care of Life far better than the body/mind can and releases ‘everything’ to IT. It does not say; “I surrender all, except for this or that, which I will continue to monitor and intervene with … just in case.” True surrender is total or not at all. ‘Thy will be done’ is one way to acknowledge this [if that resonates with you]. It is another way of saying YES to ‘What Is’, accepting that in some way ‘What Is’ is an aspect of what is Perfect for your highest purpose [despite not knowing what that is].

Until you have stepped off the ‘illusionary’ wheel of karma - totally Free, it will shape your destiny in the grand dream and in doing so expose that which is NOT you. It is a bitter-sweet blessing in that respect and part of the unfolding Will of the God-SELF You Are to return you to ‘Your Freedom’.

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