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Imagine a hand with infinite fingers representing the ONE SELF YOU Really Are. When the ONE SELF/YOU focuses attention into a finger a concept called separation seems to arise … YOU and another YOU, yet still Aware of ITs ONE-ness. Then the finger/ YOU extends IT SELF like a tree into infinite temporary branches. These branches are called universes, galaxies, solar systems and every conceivable concept occupies these branches. At this point IT is ‘still’ Aware that all of these manifestations are IT – ONE.

Gradually, IT begins to ‘identify’ with these creations and the YOU that Really IS seems to become actual ‘individual’ entities – separated, limited entities. In this way IT/YOU forget Who YOU Really Are. Nevertheless, the ONE SELF remains ‘beneath’ this delusion. In this way the ONE SELF manifests infinite branches of a Tree of Life, each unique, each with its own limitless illusory creations. For a season IT/YOU ‘play’ in this boundless dream wondering where it all came from. A concept called god [by any name] arises as the creator and YOU as a sleeper worship this unseen invention.

Over eons of clock time this separated delusion or dream continues until finally, confused, exhausted and frustrated YOU ‘surrender’ your searching and ‘turn within’ … retracing your steps through a miasma of conditioning [dreams] and remember ‘WHO’ YOU Really Are. This is NOT a ‘becoming’ … it is a dis-identification with your creations – a return to Nothing-ness or Emptiness – The ONE SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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