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True creativity requires that the ‘me’ most believe they are … the body-mind-identity, is ‘out of the way’. That false self is the product of conditioning and conditioning ‘taints’ anything creative, no matter how beautiful may be the intentions behind it. Emptiness is another name for the Real SELF You Are and when you experience moments of emptiness, such as through meditation where thoughts cease temporarily, there is an opening for True Creativity to enter.

Being ‘vulnerable and open’ are aspects of this genuine state and detachment ‘from’ what is being created allows IT to manifest from its original inspiration without the impediment of conditioning. This means that the body the SELF is ‘wearing’ is the instrument it is meant to be, carrying out the design of the original inspiration without interference. The false self employs none of these things and colours’ everything with the odour of its conditioning.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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