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Illness of the body is really just a ‘symptom’ of the imbalance that occurs due to the belief in ‘separation’. The belief in separation ‘was’ [in the illusion of time and space] the first ‘cause’ of the ‘fall of consciousness’ from SELF Awareness of ONE-ness [the God You Are]. ONE or ONE-ness is Unity Consciousness where separation-opposition and the dysfunction of the body and entire world/universe is impossible.

When healing, whether allopathic medicine or the many alternative methods is applied to illnesses of the physical body, often the ‘appearance’ of so-called healing occurs. While this ‘is’ a desirable outcome, unless the underlying belief in separation has dissolved completely [along with the ‘conditioning’ roots that emanate from it], True healing has NOT happened and the symptoms [illnesses] WILL reappear in the same manner or often in totally different ways.

True healing is called Self Realization … the Awareness of ONE-ness. In the meantime, all illnesses whether of the body or in one’s circumstances will continue to manifest pain and suffering, which is usually required to turn one’s attention inward toward Truth. Everything in the Grand Dream [of separation] ultimately leads to the Awareness of ONE-ness and Freedom.

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