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The concept of True Love is very appealing and perhaps more attractive than anything else in the grand dream most call reality. True Love is often called ‘Unconditional Love’ and this description is sprinkled like seasoning in some way into most spiritual conversations and writings. However, the world is a manifestation produced by the belief in separation, without which it would not appear. There must be time and space [obvious aspects of separation] … a ‘from here to there’ phenomena in order for the projection of the dream called this world/universe to appear on the screen of Consciousness.

An aspect of separation, [from which the false-self-body-mind illusion called an individual person is made up] … is conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications]. As a result, while one believes the world they live in is real and that they ‘are’ a separated individual, everything they think, say or do ‘is’ CONDITIONED … it cannot be otherwise. Only when one has become Aware of Who They Really Are – the God-SELF or ONE [which is indivisible] and clearly experiences the world as a dream, are they ‘extending’ Unconditional Love ‘from’ the SELF ‘to’ the SELF.

There ‘are’ instances where for brief moments, one loses the concept of the personal self and ‘do’ extend Unconditional Love, and these moments increase as one focuses genuinely more and more on ‘discovering’ the Real SELF. Nevertheless, at this moment, for most of humanity all so called love ‘is’ tainted with each one’s unique mixture of conditioning. In order to make the ‘shift’ into True Love one must be ‘consistently’ and ‘ruthlessly’ authentic with themselves until the conditioning that has veiled the Real SELF has been departed from.

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