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When one becomes stabilized in the Awakened God-SELF, their daily life experience is usually withdrawn from the cacophony of the full-blown dream most call life. The conditioning that sculpts the world appearance and its litany of stories is a wild roller-coaster drama after drama. This is because it is embraced in the stranglehold of separation inevitably seeding endless opportunities for chaos, conflict and finger-pointing as each sleeper looks fruitlessly ‘out there’ for the cause behind the imbalance they find around every corner.

This is the ceaseless underlying ‘noise’ of the dream world, which emits a sticky toxicity that is painful to the Free and often physically debilitating. Generally, this means they have very few friends and virtually no social life other than that which is oriented to expressing the Light of Truth in some way. Since they have no attachments, expectations or identifications [conditioning], the world dream has no ‘pull’ on their attention. Besides basic bodily requirements, only insofar as their actual activities direct dreamers ‘inward’ toward the God they ‘are’, do they venture out into the great illusion.

Most of their day therefore is spent in Silence ‘within’, melted into the ONE-ness they have rediscovered as their True Presence.

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Dee Marlowe
Dee Marlowe
Apr 23, 2019

Amen .. 🙏🏼❤️

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